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What blocksize does Open-E DSS Backup use when writing to tape?
Our product supports 64k blocksize for writing to tape.
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How can I restore data from NAS Enterprise/XSR Dynamic disk on my DSS/NAS-R3?
Unforunately, there is no option here, since the DSS backup/restore is based on different software than the older Open-E NAS server. However, you can access and restore your data from almost any Linux system. We suggest you use the bootable CD from KNOPPIX to restore the data to your new NAS...
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Can I back up an entire NAS logical volume using Local Backup instead of backing up individual shares separately?
Yes, you can. Create a share using a specified path (as opposed to the default path) pointed to /lv000x (the LV you wish to back up). CONFIGURATION -> NAS Resources -> Create new share Then simply back up this share.  As long as the share is the only data folder on the LV, you've...
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How do snapshots work with a running backup task?
1. In a backup scenario, the snapshot is used to allow normal I/O operation on the share. 2. At the start of the snapshot, there are metadata pointers created on it that mark the original data.     No actual data is being copied. 3. When the backup starts, it uses that...
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Backup and restoring from different DOM and Demo CD
This document will describe how to create a dynamic unit, backup to the dynamic unit and then we will replace the DOM and restore from the dynamic unit I backed up files from the share test, replaced the DOM and then restored the data to an new share named restore We are starting with DOM...
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NDMP  (Network Data Management Protocol), is a protocol, meant to transport data between NAS devices. This removes the need for transporting the data through the backup server itself, thus enhancing speed and removing load from the backup server. The NDMP functionality in the Open-E DSS...
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Can I delete data from a WORM device?
With worm enabled on a volume, users cannot delete a file or folder, the entire volume has to be deleted. As there are no special rights for any users. WORM-technology (Write Once, Read Many) allows information to be written to into a disc once and prevents the drive from erasing the data. The...
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How can I make a backup for the UID's and GID's with ACL's permissions?
The ACLs are connected to user list UIDs/GIDs wich are stored on the module, external LDAP or NIS server (depends on chosen authentication method). This list your able to export and import into new module. (Configuration->NAS resources->Users->UID Maping) (Configuration->NAS...
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Replication to branch offices
I would like to have a NAS-Server at each of my remote office for local access. I want to be able to perform backups at my main off or headquarters. Is it possible to do this? We can provide the replication for each of the remote offices to the HQ with our Data Replication function...
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Configuration settings
Symptom: My DOM failed and I am booting from the Demo CD , I cannot see my users and groups Problem: The Demo CD needs to know what the configuration settings are Solution: Go to maintenance -> Miscellanous -> Restore settings check setups and configuration...
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