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How can I make a backup for the UID's and GID's with ACL's permissions?

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Last updated: 09 Feb, 2009

The ACLs are connected to user list UIDs/GIDs wich are stored on the module, external LDAP or NIS server (depends on chosen authentication
method). This list your able to export and import into new module.
(Configuration->NAS resources->Users->UID Maping)
(Configuration->NAS resources->UGroups->GID Maping)

Also, RAW list of ACL permission could be useful in case of small count of files. ANd in the case of using
Unix system then you can make such file manually using NFS protocol.
Unix have getfacl and setfacl commands that looks like this:

getfacl -R
setfacl --restore=file

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Article ID: 132
Last updated: 09 Feb, 2009
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