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Can I delete data from a WORM device?
With worm enabled on a volume, users cannot delete a file or folder, the entire volume has to be deleted. As there are no special rights for any users. WORM-technology (Write Once, Read Many) allows information to be written to into a disc once and prevents the drive from erasing the data. The...
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How do snapshots work with a running backup task?
1. In a backup scenario, the snapshot is used to allow normal I/O operation on the share. 2. At the start of the snapshot, there are metadata pointers created on it that mark the original data.     No actual data is being copied. 3. When the backup starts, it uses that...
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Can I back up an entire NAS logical volume using Local Backup instead of backing up individual shares separately?
Yes, you can. Create a share using a specified path (as opposed to the default path) pointed to /lv000x (the LV you wish to back up). CONFIGURATION -> NAS Resources -> Create new share Then simply back up this share.  As long as the share is the only data folder on the LV, you've...
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