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NDMP  (Network Data Management Protocol), is a protocol, meant to transport data between NAS devices. This removes the need for transporting the data through the backup server itself, thus enhancing speed and removing load from the backup server.
The NDMP functionality in the Open-E DSS was tested  with NetBackup 6.5. It did not work with Netbackup 6.0
We support the NDMP Version 3 protocol.
Our NDMP funcitanality was tested with Symantec NetBackup and NDMPcopy with a Windows operating system
With NDMP you can synchronize your backup  sever with the backup agent in our software. Our backup agent is universal and can be used with any other backup server which using NDMP protocol.
When trying to backup from NDMP 4 to NDMP 3, you will need to fragment the backup size.
Please try setting the “Reduce Fragment size to” 200 MB, if this does not work please set the size smaller 100 MB.
When using NDMP with Active Directory the following two permissions “Change Permission” & “Take ownership” are not POSIX compliant and is incompatible with Linux, and thus ignored by our software.

Please also see attachment below.

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Article ID: 131
Last updated: 27 Apr, 2011
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