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[JDSS] [DSS V7] Jumbo Frames
Additional information: product name: JovianDSS / DSS V7 product version: all / version build: all / version Problem: When trying to set the MTU value of 9000, it claims it's a wrong value. Symptoms: Errors or messages: Trying to enable jumbo frames on an Ethernet controller from...
rating 27 Aug, 2020 Views: 9047
Jumbo frames: MTU 9000 on DSS V7 with Netgear switches
Problem: Setting MTU to 9000 on DSS V7 and Netgear switch not working Solution: On the Netgear switches MTU must be set to 9216 You should investigate what the Switch and your NICs vendor recommends for using Jumbo frames as they should all be the same when using Jumbo frames. ...
rating 26 Jun, 2015 Views: 1535
Intel 10GB Network card is not configurable
 ISSUE : The network card is visible in the WEB-GUI interface of DSS Server, but it is not usbable. The network card cannot be configured. Mostly it is related to the INTEL Network cards, using the driver „ixgbe". Below You see an example, where interafaces eth2 and eth3 are not usable,...
rating 15 May, 2015 Views: 1246
Infiniband setup with VMware and DSS V7
We want to thank the PAConnect Team for the hard work on putting this together and contributing this for everyone to use as a guide. Written and developed by: Kenneth Lindsay & Jessy Marker MCSE,MCTS,ACE Infiniband for VMWare   * Download PuTTY and WinSCP,...
rating 24 Jun, 2014 Views: 3266
Meaning of the dropped packets
When You will examine the statistics on Your network card, bonds or virtual interfaces, You will see dropped packets.  EXAMPLE : CAUSE : Beginning with DSS v7up12, the meaning of dropped packet count has been changed. Before, dropped packets was most likely due to an error. Now, the...
rating 08 Apr, 2014 Views: 2042
Realtek Network adapter problems (RTL8111) in DSS V6 Lite
DSS V6 build 5846 contains built-in drivers for the Realtek Network  adapters but can cause some problems with the RTL8111 NIC. Be aware that this NIC was not designed for server usage but as some of our customers use it for home storage appliances together  with DSS V6 Lite version, we...
rating 07 Dec, 2011 Views: 2105
Performance Testing with DSS V6 for your NIC's and Volumes
RAID Array and NIC speed tests to be used with the DSS V6. Only one small update can be applied, this means that if you are testing with the RAID Array test and would like to test the NIC's then you will need to remove the small update for the RAID Array test in the same location as you...
rating 13 Jul, 2011 Views: 4743
Failover events and Network component failure.
Failover events can occur for many reasons. Investigations into such events can be easy if the failure is localized to the DSSV6 server or operating system. When the failure is triggered by ping node failure or Network component failure, investigation may involve administrative testing of all...
rating 01 Jun, 2011 Views: 2672
Problem with bonding when running DSS V6 on Oracle/Sun VirtualBox
When creating a bonding like balance-rr it's important to know that it will change the MAC address of the NICs included in the bond configuration.For more information about bonding please refer to:'s importatnt to know that it is not...
rating 17 May, 2011 Views: 3009
XenServer 5.5 with iSCSI Storage on Open-E DSS / Chelsio 10G network card
If you experience random VM freezes lasting a few seconds, it would be good idea to check if the XenServer has a valid network card driver. As a result you may see the following errors: 2011-03-28 12:06:16 Kernel.Info kernel: connection16:0: iscsi: detected conn error (1011)...
rating 31 Mar, 2011 Views: 3038

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