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Realtek Network adapter problems (RTL8111) in DSS V6 Lite

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Last updated: 07 Dec, 2011

DSS V6 build 5846 contains built-in drivers for the Realtek Network  adapters but can cause some problems with the RTL8111 NIC. Be aware that this NIC was not designed for server usage but as some of our customers use it for home storage appliances together  with DSS V6 Lite version, we prepared a small update that contains a fixed driver for RTL8111 NIC.

The small update 0952 is designed for DSS V6 Lite version build 5626,
5794 and 5845.

To apply the small update perfrom the following:

1. Download the attached file and save on your local disk.
2. Go to the  WEB GUI menu: MAINTENANCE -> software update -> System software
update click on "browse" button and select downloaded file then click on
"upload" button.
3. Once upload is ready it will prompt the release notes. Please click
On the "accept" button.
4. Next prompt ask you to reboot the system in order to execute the update.

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Article ID: 1503
Last updated: 07 Dec, 2011
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