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Meaning of the dropped packets

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Last updated: 08 Apr, 2014

When You will examine the statistics on Your network card, bonds or virtual interfaces, You will see dropped packets. 


Beginning with DSS v7up12, the meaning of dropped packet count has been changed. Before, dropped packets was most likely due to an error. Now, the dropped counter shows statistics for dropped frames because of:
Softnet backlog full
Bad / Unintended VLAN tags
Unknown / Unregistered protocols
IPv6 frames when the server is not configured for IPv6
If any frames meet those conditions, they are dropped before the protocol stack and the dropped counter is incremented.
Works as designed. 
Care should be taken to confirm that frames are not being legitimately dropped. To confirm that, please contact OPEN-E Technical Support.
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Article ID: 2493
Last updated: 08 Apr, 2014
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Posted: 08 Apr, 2014 by Berger A.
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