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Failover events and Network component failure.

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Last updated: 01 Jun, 2011

Failover events can occur for many reasons. Investigations into such events can be easy if the failure is localized to the DSSV6 server or operating system. When the failure is triggered by ping node failure or Network component failure, investigation may involve administrative testing of all network componenets, and cabling related to the DSSV6 LAN. The DSSV6 can be configured to notify the administrator should such events trigger a failover. Email notification can be setup in the DSSV6 webgui: SETUP -> administrator -> Function: E-mail notification. It is advised to allow the sending address through any spam filters that may exist for the user recieving the email.

Due to various reasons for network failure, ping node failure, or network latency, it is recommended to have a plan in place to test the equipment periodically for problems with connections, and/or equipment failure. Setting up multiple ping nodes will allow more flexibility when it comes to availability to the DSSV6 appliance ( ).
It is also recommended to use certified cabling on all routes, and monitor switches and routers for packet loss, or failure. In case of such events, DSSV6 will failover, but investigation can be difficult as this falls outside the scope of DSSV6's ability to manage.

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Article ID: 1273
Last updated: 01 Jun, 2011
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