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Dell PERC and MegaRaid Storage Manager doesn't work together.
When PERC controller doesn't work together with MSM check what is your MSM version. If it is v13 try using 12.5 or any older version.
rating 02 Jul, 2013 Views: 2306
DSS V7 Host name
Hostname is one of the names used to identify this machine. It is primarily used for  internal processes (most importantly, Failover and Volume replication). It is different  from the server name; usually server name is primarily used for NAS protocols. Hostname needs to start with a...
rating 05 Apr, 2013 Views: 1294
Where can I find usefull informations about DSS V7 setup and features ?
  There are several places where you can search for the information you are looking for. Below you can find some of them Webcast  and Videos          ...
rating 05 Apr, 2013 Views: 2035
DSS V7 Time zone settings
This function allows you to adjust NTP server settings. Please select an NTP server (Network Time Protocol: for more info please see: You may provide a fully qualified host name or an IP address. Next, select the time  zone suitable for your location. With the Continuous...
rating 29 Mar, 2013 Views: 1600
DSS V7 How to create bonding
 In order to create a bonding interface: select the network interfaces you want to create a new bonding interface for,  select the preferred bonding mode from the Create drop-down menu,  select dynamic (DHCP) or static configuration for the network interface,  if...
rating 29 Mar, 2013 Views: 2203
DSS V7 Default Gateway
This function allows you to set a default gateway for the storage system. Only one  default gateway can be set up at any given time. NOTE The default gateway will become inactive if any of the following conditions are met:  the interface with the default gateway has become part of a...
rating 29 Mar, 2013 Views: 1379
DSS V7 Email notification
The server can send an e-mail notification to the administrator in case of any significant  events, critical errors, warnings, etc. To enable this feature check the Send errors box.  E-mail  E-mail address from which notifications will be sent. Account name  Account name for...
rating 29 Mar, 2013 Views: 1562
DSS V7 How to create new CHAP user
To create a CHAP user enter name, password, retype password and press the create  button.  NOTE CHAP user name cannot:  contain characters: ~ ! @ # $ ^ & ( ) + [ ] { } * ; : ' " ., % | < > ? / \ = `,  begin or end with a space.  Password...
rating 29 Mar, 2013 Views: 1016
DSS V7 Fibre Channel Configuration
In order to assign traffic from a FC initiator over your wanted FC port on the target side,  please:   1. In menu: CONFIGURATION-> FC target manager -> WWN Aliases, create an alias for  every FC Initiator WWN. If the FC Initiator show 2 WWN number starting with ...
rating 29 Mar, 2013 Views: 1282
DSS V7 Auxiliary paths - description
This option is used to configure the interfaces on which the failover sends UDP unicast  traffic. You need to point out to which interface on the remote node the UDP unicast  traffic will be send. The auxiliary path will be used to send periodic "heartbeat"  packages to the remote...
rating 28 Mar, 2013 Views: 1989

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