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How does the "Force user and group" function work?
The Force user and group capability forces each authenticated user to function as the imposed user/group. This function does not apply directly to file permissions, but it is related because a different user is authenticated and a different user accesses the files.  For example, on a share,...
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How much memory is recommended for NAS storage?
Due to filesystem repair constraints, we recommend the following: 1GB of memory for each 1TB of storage, plus 100MB for each 1 million inodes (i.e. files and folders). If it is not possible to employ the recommended amount of memory, please create a larger number of smaller logical volumes...
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Where is the information about shares stored?
The information about shares is stored on the system partition in the path "/var/nasconf/shares".
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How can I mount NFS shares in the linux console?
1. Log in as root in your linux server with the command "sudo -i" 2. Create a local mounting directory, e.g., /mnt/my-share. Use this command syntax: "mkdir /mnt/my-share" 3. Go to the GUI: CONFIGURATION -> NAS settings -> NFS settings and mark the checkbox "Use NFS". 4. Go to...
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Will my Logical Volumes still be usable when I convert my NAS IDE DOM to iSCSI?
No.  After conversion the NAS LVs will continue to use space in your unit(s).  However, you won't be able to see them in the GUI, or in the Console, if you attempt to delete them. Here the steps you need to take: Back up the data on your NAS volumes first, if there is data you want to...
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NDMP  (Network Data Management Protocol), is a protocol, meant to transport data between NAS devices. This removes the need for transporting the data through the backup server itself, thus enhancing speed and removing load from the backup server. The NDMP functionality in the Open-E DSS...
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Too Many Files
Symptom: Trying to copy roughly 400GB of data (many small files) from a windows file server to the DSS (NAS share) and he keeps getting the following errors: [2008/08/20 12:49:41, 0] registry/reg_db.c:regdb_open(288) regdb_open: Failed to open /usr/local/samba/var/locks/registry.tdb! (Too many...
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Can't access my shares when NFS Failover is on.
Can't access my shares when NFS Failover is on. There are 3 things that you need to be aware of when using NFS Failover. First of all NFS Failover works only with NFS protocol and not with Samba. If you start the NFS Failover, the Samba access to all of your shares will be disabled. You...
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Volume Group PE Size and NAS volumes block size
Page Extent Size (PE) represents size of the smallest building block of Logical Volume. In DSS V6 it is set by default to 32MB. That means that every created LV will be 32 x N MB large. Block size of NAS volume are chosen automatically depending on size of LV to...
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MAC OS and SMB shares with DSS V6 and Active Directory authentication
First your MAC has to be joined to a Windows domain. A lot of step-by-step tutorials can be found on internet, just like this one: Note it may differ depending on your system version. Make sure...
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