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Can't access my shares when NFS Failover is on.

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Last updated: 15 Mar, 2013

Can't access my shares when NFS Failover is on.

There are 3 things that you need to be aware of when using NFS Failover.
First of all NFS Failover works only with NFS protocol and not with Samba.
If you start the NFS Failover, the Samba access to all of your shares will be disabled. You can access your shares using NFS protocol only.

When starting NFS Failover, DSS will automaticaly deactivate Samba on the shares that are used in failover, but it won't automaticaly activate NFS share access to them.

The second thing is that the access to shares through NFS needs to be enabled separately for each share.

Check the following DSS webgui options to make sure that NFS access is enabled:
CONFIGURATION -> NAS settings -> NFS settings -> Use NFS
CONFIGURATION -> NAS settings -> Shares -> choose a share -> NFS Share access -> Use NFS

The third and maybe the most tricky thing is that you need to use the same share names on both nodes.

Despite the fact that volume replication process copies all the content of your logical volume, including the directories, the share names are not copied to the secondary node automaticaly. You need to create them manualy. For each share you need to add a name and set the correct path to the directory.

In order to be able to modify the paths to shares on secondary node, the NFS Failover needs to be stopped and the NAS volume needs to be in source mode. That's why it's important to correctly set up the share names and path on both nodes before starting the Failover.

If the share names are different on both nodes, you will see the following error message when starting Failover:

Another important thing is that when configuring logical volumes that will be used in NFS Failover, you should create them on a volume groups that have the same names on both nodes e.g:
vg00 on primary node, and vg00 on secondary node.
NAS Logical volumes on both nodes should also have the same names like:

primary node <-> secondary node
lv0000 <-> lv0000
lv0001 <-> lv0001

Please also make sure that there is no Data Replication task that has the same name that Volume Replications task.

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Article ID: 1223
Last updated: 15 Mar, 2013
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