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How to connect to SMB share with NIS authentication from MAC OS X

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Last updated: 29 Dec, 2015

Enable plaintext authentication on Mac OS:

1. Make sure that you are not currently connected to any Samba or Windows (SMB/CIFS) servers and that you do not have any Samba or Windows-related error messages open.
2. Open the Terminal (/Applications/Utilities/).
3. At the prompt, type: sudo pico /etc/nsmb.conf
4. Press Return.
5. Enter your password when prompted, then press Return again.
6. You should see an empty file and a "New File" notice at the bottom of the pico window. If you do not see the "New File" notice, this file already exists.
7. Enter the following into the file so that it appears as follows:


8. Save the file (press Control-O), press Return, then exit pico (Control-X).
9. Type: sudo chmod a+r /etc/nsmb.conf
10. Press Return.
11. Restart your computer.

Make sure NIS uses plain text, or MD5 passwords.

Example how to prepare md5 password:

root@ubuntu:/var/yp# openssl passwd -1 -salt test test  (generate md5 pass)
root@ubuntu:/var/yp# cat /etc/shadow | grep user4  (edit shadow file with new pass)
root@ubuntu:/var/yp# cd /var/yp
root@ubuntu:/var/yp# make (compile nis database)

Fetch the NIS data again from DSS by connecting to it once more

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Article ID: 2751
Last updated: 29 Dec, 2015
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