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How can we improve high latency links using MaxOutstandingR2T iSCSI parameter?

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Last updated: 18 Apr, 2011

If you are experiencing high latency or decreased transfer rates between iSCSI initiators and targets, try to tune with the MaxOutstandingR2T iSCSI parameter.

A detailed explanations about how this parameter works can be found under the following link:

In order to change the MaxOutstandingR2T iSCSI parameter, go to DSS console and press ctrl + alt + W, then go to tuning options -> iSCSI daemon options -> Target options -> (enter the target to modify) and you will see MaxOutstandingR2T on the list.

Please remember that this parameter needs to be set separately for every target.

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Article ID: 1083
Last updated: 18 Apr, 2011
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