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Expanding iSCSI Volumes in failover configuration

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Last updated: 07 Jul, 2011

Expanding a iSCSI Volume that is used in failover configuration and volume replication.

This can be done in 6 easy steps.

1- Stop the Auto Failover service on the Primary and Secondary
2- Stop and Delete the Volume Replication Tasks on the Primary
3- Disable the Replication feature for the Volume in the Volume Manger
4- Add the additional capacity to the iSCSI Volume and add the Replication
5- Create the Volume Replication Task for the Source Volume to the Destination
6- Start the Auto Failover service
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Article ID: 1303
Last updated: 07 Jul, 2011
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Posted: 07 Jul, 2011 by Rafinski G.
Updated: 07 Jul, 2011 by Rafinski G.
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