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[DSSV7][JDSS] Unable to connect to HW RAID using Megaraid Storage Manager [MSM] software
Please make sure that you are using a version of MSM software which is tested to work with our products and is listed below. Login details for accessing MSM or Avago Management is: Username: raid Password: raid For DSS V7 ver. up57: v14.11.01.00: MSMv14.11.01.00 v16.02.00.04: ...
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Adaptec/Microsemi Storage Manager (ASM) access in DSS V7 up60
1 - Adaptec/Microsemi controllers maxView Storage Manager v2.03.22476 is required. 2 - Change the default password for the Adaptec Storage Manager to gain read/write access. To do this, Login to the DSS V7 webGUI, and navigate to SETUP -> H/W Raid -> Adaptec administration. If you do not do...
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LSI MIB to collect all information. To use with LSI RAID controllers.
Thanks to Jadar Simoes from SDC who provided this MIB for all to use. Provided and contributed by: Jader Simões Diretor de Tecnologia
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4Kn and 512e Disks
Description: iSCSI Target must pass same block as the exported device ( RAID array is most cases). If you use 4k disks, the RAID controller will also make 4k device and iSCSI Target must export it as 4k LUN. As result, VMware will not accept such LUN. Conclusion: For iSCSI you must use 512 disks,...
rating 23 Feb, 2017 Views: 846
maxView Storage Manager - problem with connection on Firefox
Please note, when using the maxView Storage Manager, issues with a failed secure connection can appear on the newest web browsers. To log in using Firefox browser, you need to change "security.ssl3.dhe_rsa_aes" 128 and 256 to false in about:config. After RAID configuration is completed, it is...
rating 10 Aug, 2016 Views: 1226
Software RAID rebuild, data integrity check and MDADM checkarray functions.
Every 4 weeks the software raid will be checked for its integrity using the mdadm_checkarray function. This is a read only process unless bad data is discovered. If bad data is discovered, the function will try to rewrite the data from other disks in the array. You will recieve an email alert...
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Configuring LSI RAID Controller alerts sent to DSS V7
Configuring LSI RAID Controller alerts sent to DSS V7 Alerts sent to DSS V7 from the LSI MegaRAID Controller can be enabled, or disabled in the following categories: Information, Critical, and Fatal. To do this, you may disable them, by category, or individually, from the 'System Log' on the...
rating 28 Mar, 2013 Views: 7591
HW and SW RAID performance tuning on NTFS volumes
1. Introduction We will describe how to setup NTFS block size under Windows system to achieve better write performance on Software and Hardware RAID 5 and RAID 6 arrays. From the tests that we performed it seems that there is performance drop while NTFS block size isn't configured...
rating 15 Mar, 2013 Views: 9565
Problem in accessing 3dm RAID Management Utility
According to 3ware knowledge base: "It is not possible to use the following browsers with 3dm2: Chrome, Firefox 10, IE 9. Please use IE8 or an older Firefox version to see the 3dm2 WebGUI" Please also see (for Windows users):
rating 24 Feb, 2012 Views: 3452
How to add second Areca RAID array to existing DSS V6 configuration and establish the connection to iSCSI target from Windows 2008 Server R2
Log on to DSS WebGUI Go to SETUP → H/W RAID Choose your Areca controller and press Areca button Areca Management should open in a new window Go to Create RAID Set Choose available disks to create...
rating 13 Oct, 2011 Views: 2919

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