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S/W RAID is degraded. How to add a drive that was disconnected from S/W RAID?
 You need to clean this drive and let the S/W RAID rebuild the array again. After you plugged the drive back to your DSS V6, go to DSS V6 webgui -> Setup -> S/W RAID -> MDx and in the "Manager" frame set the following flags to it: F - set faulty R - hot remove  then press...
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Damaged or degraded RAID on one of the nodes in Failover
    There are two kinds of RAID malfunctions users can experience. One is when less disks fail that are required to rebuild an array, second is when more disks are damaged (also giving I/O errors). For example 2 or more disks in RAID 5, 3  or more disks in RAID 6 etc....
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Can I get information about SNMP on 3Ware adapters and Open-E?
SNMP - Simple Network Management Protocol 1. In the management process two types of data are being used: - OID (; a standardized, tree-structured registry of devices and manufacturers, available...
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You have been logged out due to inactivity or Cookies are Disabled
Symptom: I am trying to log in to my 3ware controller and I receive the following message: "You have been logged out due to inactivity or Cookies are disabled." Problem: The System time is not set correctly or the Time Zone is set incorrectly Solution: SETUP ->...
rating 26 Feb, 2009 Views: 9732
Hardware RAID and DSS Lite
Symptom: Is it possible to use a hardware RAID controller with DSS Lite Problem: If your total drive capacity is over 1TB DSS lite will not work Solution: I  tested with an Areca RAID controller (ARC-1110) I created an RAID set then activated the RAID set...
rating 26 Feb, 2009 Views: 4132
Drive capacity
My problem is that my RAID unit (under configuration -> volume manager) It only shows 16.7 TB. I have purchased an upgrade to 32TB max to get the extra 2TB above the 16TB from the default license. When I insert a Debian, Fedora or any other Linux cd, the installation just shows 18TB /...
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Expanding hardware RAID
The following steps are required to expand your RAID array 1.               Physically add the new disk drive(s) to the server 2.       Configure your RAID array on the RAID controller of your server or Open-E GUI...
rating 25 Feb, 2009 Views: 6826
Accessing the 3ware GUI
Symptom: I received some I/O errors and now cannot access the GUI Problem: If the GUI is not accessible to download the system log files and you suspect the issue could be the RAID controller Solution: Enter in your web browser https://ipaddress:888 this will bring...
rating 24 Feb, 2009 Views: 5098
Cannot see all my drives with software RAID
Symptom: I have a 8TB DSS license, with 4 1.5TB Seagate hard Disk, on a Supermicro motherboard Problem: I am using software RAID and I can only see 2 of my disk drives at a time. When I swapp the cables I can see the other 2 disk drives (check the serial serial numbers) ...
rating 23 Feb, 2009 Views: 3224
How long should it take to format
Symptom: I started formatting the first volume group at about 3:30 Saturday It's been formatting ever since. The entire RAID array is just under a terabyte.  How long should it take to format this amount?   Problem: Formatting the RAID Array has been running for about 2...
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