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How do I mount NFS shares under the Linux console?
1.  Go to the GUI:   CONFIGURATION -> NAS settings -> NFS settings and enable the "Use NFS" option, which  allows access to shares and/or snapshots via NFS. Network File System (NFS) is a protocol for a distributed file system which allows a computer to access files...
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Information on Configuring for Optimal RAID Performance
Write Policy The Write Policy can have a very big impact on write performance. There are two modes available: 1. Write Back 2. Write Thru. Write Back Mode This mode provides better performance in most cases. In Write‐Back mode, the RAID controller acknowledges write I/O requests immediately...
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How to Configure Dell Server (2850) BIOS to boot from USB?
Enter System Setup during server startup In the Integrated Devices menu, select “USB Controller” and set to “On with BIOS Support“ On the “Select Hard Disk Sequence” menu option, move the USB Flash drive to the top of the list If you have USB Flash drive...
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File IO Or Block IO???
Problem: I am not sure what are the differences between File IO and Block IO Solution: iSCSI Target is delivering a block device for the iSCSI initiator. The block device can be a raw Logical Volume or a file working on formatted Logical Volume.   The Block IO is exactly a raw Logical...
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How do I connect to the console remotely?
For Windows clients: Enable the Remote access function in the GUI: SETUP -> Administrator -> Remote console access to access the console via SSH. 1. To connect the server from Microsoft Windows, download the free SSH client (Putty): • in the Host Name (or IP...
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How to configure MPIO with Microsoft Initiator?
Please refer to the attached how-to.
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How to connect multiple initiators to a target?
In order to connect to the same target with multiple initiators at the same time, a cluster filesystem has to be used. Otherwise, the data may become corrupted. Here are some SAN cluster filesystems:  MelioFS: IBM: ...
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Setup a Ubuntu Server with iSCSI and MPIO to connect to an iSCSI Tartget in DSS V7
1) Install Ubuntu Server 12.04 with 3 NICs 2) Run all in terminal: sudo -i Then run the following to refresh the repositories database. apt-get update 3) Then install the open-iscsi, multipath-tools and Midnight Commander (or any other editing tool): apt-get install open-iscsi...
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What is the difference between asynchronous and synchronous volume replication ?
The main difference between synchronouse and asynchronous volume replication is that synchronouse replication need to wait for the destination server in any write operation. The process goes like this : 1. Write data are buffered on the source system, 2. Source system sends the data to...
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How can I connect to iSCSI target from Linux console?
First you need to discover targets under portal IP address: iscsiadm mode discovery type sendtargets portal # Replace with Your portal IP address Login, must use a node record id found by the discovery: iscsiadm mode node targetname portal...
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ClamAV detected "Heuristics.Broken.Executable"
Symptom: Event viewer keeps notifying that ClamAV detected "Heuristics.Broken.Executable" Problem: The "Heuristics.Broken.Executable" error is shown when the ClamAV is not able to analyse a file. Solution: In order to disable the warnings about...
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UPS Setup and Configuration for APC 750XL
 Hardware and GUI setup for the APC 750XL UPS Hardware setup 1.       Connect your UPS to the power source. The UPS comes with two cables: one USB, and one serial cable. You can use either of these to connect the UPS to your server; both are compatible...
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Unknown error 42
Problem: I have updated my system to latest release (3511) and since then I got "Unknown error 42" when running volume replication. Solution: From the release notes for the build 3511, please make sure that both systems are running this version. If they are different re-create the replication...
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Buffer I/O Errors
  If you receive the following messages listed in the example below, it could be related to a RAID Issue. Most of these errors could be found in dmesg or dmesg.2 or sent to you by email notification Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE ...
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I have a low NFS performance in VMware environment.
Problem: A customer report that the NFS performance result for NFS 16K Writes are - 11 MB/sec.  Symptom: The tests on the DSS Demo (Atlanta) and IOMeter, while doing 16K Reads and with the parameters as specified in the attached "Comparison of Storage Protocol Performance" from VMware, for...
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File system repair
File system errors can be caused by power outages and disconnects that prevent the file system from completely writing the data to the RAID array. It can also be caused by problems with hardware, system crashes and drivers. This will result in file system being left in an inconsistent state. With...
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What are the best practices when it comes to VMWare ESX Server 3.5 and Open-E?
Please refer to the attached white paper.
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Why VMware does not see the iSCSI device as storage, after upgrading to DSS V6?
Problem: I update my system to V6, but for some reason I cant see my iSCSI devise in my VMware. Solution: This document applies when the “IET” iSCSI target was changed to “SCST” and VMware ESX does not see the iSCSI device as storage and none of Virtual Machines placed on this...
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How-to activate my DSS V6/V7 or JovianDSS product?
Problem: After the installation of DSS V6/V7 or JovianDSS, it requires activation. How can I perform it? Solution: In order to use the DSS V6/V7 or JovianDSS product for more than 30 days you will need to activate. There are two methods to perform this: Online NOTE: Using...
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How to connect to iSCSI target using Solaris 10?
Problem:   I was able to connect to my iSCSI target using Solaris 8 which had Cisco iSCSI initiator compatiblity. But in Solaris 10 We have to use the bultin initiator and thats where we have issue Solution: While creating target change untick "Target Default...
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How-to dramatically improve IO performance?
How to measure the IO Performance using IOmeter There are plenty of benchmarking tools available but storage professionals mostly use IOmeter. Unfortunately IOmeter is a little tricky to use. You really need to read the user manual first. I have frequently seen users trying to run...
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How can I mount NFS shares in the linux console?
1. Log in as root in your linux server with the command "sudo -i" 2. Create a local mounting directory, e.g., /mnt/my-share. Use this command syntax: "mkdir /mnt/my-share" 3. Go to the GUI: CONFIGURATION -> NAS settings -> NFS settings and mark the checkbox "Use NFS". 4. Go to...
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How to setup email notification using Megaraid Storage Manager
Install and start Megaraid Storage Manager, enter your server IP and log in using user and password set in SETUP -> H/W RAID (default are user:raid, password: raid). Then follow instructions described in LSI knowledge base: Information about...
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Multiple iSCSI connections
Symptom: My iSCSI targets report that I am having corruption Problem: With iSCSI you cannot have multiple connections to the same LUN, iSCSI Target works block based - not file based. Meaning that a changes made by one person is not seen by another person working on the same...
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You have been logged out due to inactivity or Cookies are Disabled
Symptom: I am trying to log in to my 3ware controller and I receive the following message: "You have been logged out due to inactivity or Cookies are disabled." Problem: The System time is not set correctly or the Time Zone is set incorrectly Solution: SETUP ->...
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