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[DSS V7][JovianDSS] I have a low NFS performance in VMware environment.

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Last updated: 24 May, 2021

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  • product name: JovianDSS / DSS V7
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"I have a low NFS performance in VMware environment."
Customer reports that NFS performance results for NFS 16K writes are ~11 MB/sec.


Tests conducted with DSS and IOMeter: while doing 16K Reads and with parameters as specified in "Comparison of Storage Protocol Performance" documentation from VMware, Read performance for iSCSI and NFS is ~110 MB/sec.  Also, while performance for 16K Writes on iSCSI is ~70 MB/sec, NFS Write performance is very slow.


Unchecking "Synchronous" box and running IOMeter Write test reports ~100 MB/sec for NFS - same as for iSCSI. Also, cloning 8 GB test VM and gives results comparable to same operation performed via iSCSI - just under 3 minutes or 50 MB/sec.

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Article ID: 312
Last updated: 24 May, 2021
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Updated: 24 May, 2021 by Rybak M.
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