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How can I enable "Replication" option for already created volumes?

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Last updated: 08 Aug, 2012


I created iSCSI volume on my DSS server and I didn’t chose the "replication" option when creating the volumes. Now, I want to replicate those volumes to a destination server, but the replication document on the site show the procedure for newly created volumes only. ( Can you guide us how to enable replication for the already created volumes? Is it possible? I'm running DSS 5.0up 48
Yes, it is possible to enable the replication for already created volumes. Whether the volumes where iSCSI or NAS, you can enable it by going to Configuration->Volume Manager->[VG Name] then chose the option of {expandLV} from the drop down list and tick
volume replication box. After that the volumes will be capable of running a replication task.
In DSS V6 you can do it from the Web-Gui: CONFIGURATION->volume->manager->[VG Name]-> Action: modify (and select what you want to modify) then tick Use volume replication.

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Article ID: 782
Last updated: 08 Aug, 2012
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