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XSR To DSS V6 Conversion

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Last updated: 31 Jan, 2013


1. download the DSS V5 trial version and burn it onto a CD. You can find OLD_NAS-R3_iSCSI-R3_DSS_v5_XSR_Demo_CD on our FTP server or User Portal.

2. boot this CD on your storage server,

3. in the text console, press CTRL+ALT+X and select "LVM vg convert (XSR and iSCSI)"

4. After the volumes have been converted, they will be ready to use with DSS V6.

5. Make sure that you use 32 bit mode when booting DSS V6 to see the converted volume group

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Article ID: 1183
Last updated: 31 Jan, 2013
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Posted: 03 May, 2011 by Rafinski G.
Updated: 31 Jan, 2013 by Dydak M.
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