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DSS V7 System software update function

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Last updated: 26 Mar, 2013
This function allows you to update the system software. Two types of updates are 
  • full product version update
  • small update

The function allows you to: 

  • have several product version
  • delete updates (full and small)
  • default setting of product version activated 
  • having a constant insight into release notes (full and small updates) when unrolling a scrollbar with aparticular product version

Description of a product version:

  • first three digits are related to the product version number
  • next two digits are related to "up" with a number
  • product release date
  • name of a directory with a product
  • size of a directory with a product version

While performing each update file upload, release notes are introduced and update 

accepting or rejecting is possible. After accepting, please click the reboot button so 

changes could take effect.

The option for the default product version ("Boot" unit) means that the version marked 

with it will be booted automatically, without the need of choosing a version in the menu 

while the system is starting.

NOTE Small updates are only performed for currently activated product versions

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Article ID: 2223
Last updated: 26 Mar, 2013
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