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How do I overwrite a file on a network share with the snapshot version?

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Last updated: 02 Sep, 2008
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Posted: 08 Jul, 2008
Updated: 02 Sep, 2008


Problem:  I have a file in a snapshot that I want to copy back to the NAS share, i.e., I want to overwrite the Windows version of the file with the snapshot version.  Question:  Should I update the file (block) content or can I update the pointer in the NAS Share address table?


Activate the snapshot by clicking on the green play button.
MAINTENANCE -> snapshot -> Function:  Snapshot tasks

Mount the snapshot in Windows Network Neighborhood,
i.e., map a network drive to the snapshot share.

Copy the file in question to the local disk.
Disconnect the network drive.

Map a network drive to your destination share.
Copy the file from the local disk to the destination share.

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