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folder ADS/PDC problems (6)
Problems with authenticating to a Windows domain.
folder Auto Failover (16)
Problems configuring and operating iSCSI Failover functionality
folder Backup problems (9)
issues related to local backup, backup to dynamic volumes, and backup to tape
folder Console tool problems (4)
Problems related to tools available from the console menus.
folder Fibre Channel (7)
Issues with Fibre Channel targets, initiators, connectivity, etc.
folder iSCSI problems (26)
Issues connected with using the iSCSI protocol.
folder Network problems (15)
Issues connecting over the TCP/IP network.
folder NFS problems (7)
Articles relating to problems with the NFS functionality
folder SMB problems (9)
Problems connecting to shares via the SMB protocol.
folder Software RAID problems (7)
Issues connected with software RAID.
folder Volume Replication (15)
issues regarding configuration and running of volume replication tasks
folder Miscellaneous (26)
Any articles which do not fit other subcategories.
folder Updates (7)
folder Xenserver (1)

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document How do I overwrite a file on a network share with the snapshot version?
Symptom: Problem:  I have a file in a snapshot that I want to copy back to the NAS share, i.e., I want to overwrite the Windows version of the file with the snapshot version.  Question:  Should I update the file (block) content or can...
Not rated 02 Sep, 2008 Views: 3287
document Why I do have a slow writing process when I run snapshots?
Symptom: I am using NAS replication and I am getting very slow write performance.  My RAID is set to cache enabled. Problem: Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE ...
Not rated 18 Feb, 2009 Views: 3043
document How can we setup the primary node, restart the iSCSI Failover and make this node active again?
Symptom: Not only data but also the whole configuration of the primary node is lost because of e.g. a broken RAID controller. Problem: Currently it’s not possible to...
rating 14 Sep, 2011 Views: 5544
document DSS V7 does not boot after installation (up 00 and 01)
It has been reported that on certain hardware configuration it is possible that DSS V7 will not boot stopping on loading screen or rebooting after a while. To solve this issue it is necessary to mount boot medium in any other operating system to access files on it and copy files: Small...
rating 28 Mar, 2013 Views: 2921
document After a repair file system (xfs_repair) the process seems to stuck (or hang) at phase 6 traversing filesystem.
After a repair file system (xfs_repair) the process seems to stuck (or hang) at phase 6 traversing filesystem. e-system-repair_138.html Solution: Install Small Update number for V7: 70144 number for V6: 1319
rating 26 Mar, 2013 Views: 2848
document While booting DSS hangs at 59 Percent
Solution: 1. Boot with rescue mode You need to press "Tab" button at the screen where you choose 32/64 bit mode or RUN SOFTWARE INSTALLER : a) (THIS STEP IS NOT NECCESSARY):  to verify what causes the freeze during boot up, modify the line that contains : splash =...
rating 18 May, 2015 Views: 3800
document DSS and JovianDSS "Samba WannaCry" vulnerability [CVE-2017-7494]
Open-E has fixed vulnerability CVE-2017-7494 in the following versions: - DSSv7 up60 (released 9th June 2017) - JovianDSS up20 (to be released June/July 2017)
Not rated 18 Jan, 2018 Views: 1094
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