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You can find it under following link &dn=adaptec+raid+6405.html
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file [white paper]VMware best practises_v20080420.pdf
VMWare virtualization best practices
White paper detailing the best practices for using VMWare ESX Server 3.5 with Open-E.
18 Aug, 2010 Filesize: 2.66 mb Downloads: 11163
file [How-to] iSCSI MPIO with Microsoft Initiator_v20080826.pdf
How-to for setting up MPIO with Microsoft Initiator
How-to for setting up MPIO with Microsoft Initiator
18 Aug, 2010 Filesize: 422 kb Downloads: 10119
file Windows_Server_2008_R2_and_roaming_pr_.pdf
15 Apr, 2011 Filesize: 790 kb Downloads: 8546
file Upgrade to DSS V6 Step-by-step.pdf
Upgrade to DSS V6 Step-by-Step
This document shows the procedure for upgrading your old product to DSS V6.
18 Aug, 2010 Filesize: 130 kb Downloads: 5324
file [How_to]External LDAP howto_v1.pdf
External LDAP how-to - version 1.00
A how-to documents explaining how to connect Open-E software to an openLDAP server. This document is valid for the NAS-R3 and the DSS series.
18 Aug, 2010 Filesize: 77 kb Downloads: 4119
Recent files
file upd_70642-DSS-V7.upd
DSS V7 up6X certificate problem
16 Feb, 2018 Filesize: 356 kb Downloads: 75
file Open-E - Statement on Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities 180115.pdf
Open-E statement on the “Meltdown” and “Spectre” vulnerabilities
18 Jan, 2018 Filesize: 151 kb Downloads: 114
26 Oct, 2017 Filesize: 8 kb Downloads: 55
file Test scenario and troubleshooting.pdf
DSS V7 up60 shutdown and start up
20 Sep, 2017 Filesize: 963 kb Downloads: 53
file Jovian API REST
Jovian API REST Client
16 May, 2017 Filesize: 48 kb Downloads: 233
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