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Does Open-E software work with Virtual Iron?
Yes, Open-E software is compatible with Virtual Iron. We are also certified for VI version 4.3. Please refer to the attached document for an example case study.
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How to best integrate Open-E software with Xen?
Please refer to the attached case study for a successful scenario.
rating 18 Sep, 2008 Views: 4877
private How to configure multipathing in the VMware ESX 4.0 iSCSI initiator?
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What are the best practices when it comes to VMWare ESX Server 3.5 and Open-E?
Please refer to the attached white paper.
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iSCSI volumes receive the same ID numbers (causes problems with Virtual Iron)
Symptom: I am using Virtual Iron to connect to 2 DSS servers. I am getting the same Unique ID number for LUNs in different DSS servers and Virtual Iron is confused. Solution: Apply update 0257-dss_b.upd to DSS and then use the testing kernel. You can get the update file right here on...
rating 02 Sep, 2008 Views: 4696
Vmware errors
Symptom: I have an ISCSI fail-over setup running on Open-E. The virtual interface is on a bonding interface . On the storage are VM which are running in Vmware ESX. When starting three vm's on the hardware nodes storage becomes unstable and we are getting the errors below in open-e. Event group...
rating 25 Feb, 2009 Views: 4974
Lose connection with fibre channel and high I/O
Symptom:  I am using a Qlogic  4GB Fibre channel card along with Virtual Iron and DSS, During high I/O the DSS stops working and the Virtual Iron server disconnects. I then cannot access the DSS and must reboot the server to access it. Problem: The scst service (Fibre channel)...
rating 26 Feb, 2009 Views: 3061
Why I can't see my volumes in ESX 3.5?
Problem: I have a target (2TB) that I can't see in my ESX 3.5. Although, I can see it from Windows iSCSI initiator. I tried to change the LUN number, reboot, rescan and reset ESX server, but all that didn't work. Solution: We found out that you uses 3.6TB LUN size. Unfortunately it appears...
rating 16 Sep, 2009 Views: 3607
How can I connect to Hyper-V and Citrix XEN server?
Problem:   I have Citrix Xenserver and would like to use Hyper-V with my Open-E DSS V6. But The XENserver is using IET, while the Hyper-V is using SCST for the ISCSI daemon.   How can I use both machines? Can I use SCST and IET at the same time? Solution: IET and SCST can not be used...
rating 29 Apr, 2010 Views: 5661
Is the DSS V6 certified with VMware ESX?
Problem: Is the DSS V6 certified with VMware ESX 4.0, vSphere, clustering, Vmotion and Snapshots? Is the DSS V7 certified with VMware  ESX 5.0, ESX 5.1? Solution: Yes, DSS V6 was certified by VMware in February 2010 with the Intel SR2612UR server. Yes, DSS V7 was certified by...
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