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Lose connection with fibre channel and high I/O

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Last updated: 26 Feb, 2009


 I am using a Qlogic  4GB Fibre channel card along with Virtual Iron and DSS, During high I/O the DSS stops working and the Virtual Iron server disconnects. I then cannot access the DSS and must reboot the server to access it.


The scst service (Fibre channel) uses all available memory as cache and if new process wants to reserve some memory, the kernel is not able to free up more memory

2009/02/19 16:33:30|[<c01555d2>] oom_kill_process+0xf2/0x120
2009/02/19 16:33:30|[<c0155758>] out_of_memory+0xa8/0x100
2009/02/19 16:33:30|[<c0156fa7>] __alloc_pages+0x297/0x330
2009/02/19 16:33:30|[<e8aaca7d>] scst_alloc_sys_pages+0x3d/0x60 [scst]


Please update to the Atlanta release, It has been fixed in that release

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Article ID: 162
Last updated: 26 Feb, 2009
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