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The FC initiator cannot see FC target on DSS V6, V7

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Last updated: 07 Jan, 2016


The FC HBA initiator cannot see any FC targets configured on DSS V6 or DSS V7.


This seems to be a related to driver mode of FC HBA.


Please go to Console Tools (CTRL+ALT+T) -> Modify driver options -> qla2xxx -> qlini_mode and try following possible values:

 "exclusive" - initiator mode will be enabled on load, disabled on enabling target mode and then on disabling target mode enabled back;

 "disabled" - initiator mode will n ever be enabled;

 "enabled" (default) - initiator mode will always stay enabled.

Open-E software impacted:

DSS V6 6.0up50 and higher

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Article ID: 1033
Last updated: 07 Jan, 2016
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Updated: 07 Jan, 2016 by Stolarczyk M.
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