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"System Corrupted No USB flash module has been found" or "No operating system found"

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Last updated: 31 Mar, 2009
Monitor prompt a "System Corrupted No USB flash module has been found" error message.
Module is unable to boot from BIOS
Try disabling  USB 2.0 on the motherboard  BIOS.
Some motherboards will have the option to select USB 2.0 or USB 1.1 If this is the case select USB 1.1
If this does not work try the DOM in another USB port and or another server
Please note: Some versions of the Phoenix BIOS do not support this setting
Please try testing the DOM on another USB header and  or another system.
Also try reflashing your DOM, To do this:
Download the latest release for the software that you have and burn it to a CD with the "write ISO image" option.
Here is the link:
Boot from the CD and choose option 1 "update with configuration changes saved"
Remove the CD and restart your server
Please make appropriate changes to your BIOS for the correct BOOT order.
If the error  persist then download the Demo CD Here is the link:
Burn the ISO-file onto a CD. Please make sure that you choose the option "Burn ISO image" or similar (depending on your burning software). Install the CD-ROM as the Primary Master device by plugging the CD-connection into the IDE slot. Change the BIOS to boot from the CD-ROM drive. Boot the system (the booting process may take several minutes).
 Then contact

If you get "No operating system found" error. It means:
The DOM is not as first on the BIOS boot sequence or you have inserted DOM wrong (i.e. com port instead of USB, or shift one pin) or mainboard USB port is dead.
If you are using a one-row cable to connect your DOM, and you've had an older module (the wide variety) replaced with a new one (the slim variety), please note the new slim modules use the lower set of pins, which is the opposite to the wide modules - you may have to modify your cable accordingly.

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Article ID: 113
Last updated: 31 Mar, 2009
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