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Why the system keep hanging when using SuperMicro PDSME+ motherboard?

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Last updated: 29 Jul, 2009


The System recognize the USB DSS, Screen prompts for DSS operating System selection and on second screen 32bit/64bit. Monitor switched to "Loading.... "  for 30 sec. then monitor switched to "Loading 10% plus open-e Splash screen". After that the systems hangs.

After that, we moved the DSS UBS-Stick to another System, the DSS boots properly. Changed the Supermicro Motherboard to a new Spare Board same Type, same error.

We also noticed the following error messages:
1.) Error 14
2.) Segmentation Fault
3.) mount: mounting/dev/mapps/changes.img on memory/rootcopy faild: no such file or directory

The Hardware that has issues is: 
Supermicro PDSME+ with latest BIOS (brand new)

XEON Processor 3050.
3Ware 9650SE 8Ports

We are using DSS Version 5 with the latest Update 2009-06-04 v.5.00 up62 b.3518.

Is there any incompatibility with Supermicro PDSME+


After investigation; SUPERMICRO PDSME+  boards can handle "non ECC" DDR2 memory. In the specification and manuals are special vendors and types recommended. Our installation with "non ECC" memory was not successful. Only with ECC memory
we could install DSS 5.0 properly.

The build in memory test on non ECC memory didn't show any errors.

Please make sure to use ECC from following manufactures, or look on Supermicro website for tested memory on each specific board.

1GB DDR2 533 ECC

Samsung M391T2953CZ3-CD5
Samsung K4T51083QC-ZCD5
Dataram DTM63306D
Nanya NT5TU64M8AE-37B
Hynix HYMP512U72P8-C4
Hynix HY5PS12821 2
Super Talent Electronics, Inc. T533EB1GB/ S1GTE8CJS
Samsung K4T51083QE-ZCE6

2GB DDR2 533 ECC

Hynix HYMP125U72AP8-C4  Hynix HY5PS1G831A 2
Samsung K4T1G084QA-ZCE6
Kingston/Value KVR533D2E4/2G
Elpida E1108AB-6E-Ee

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Article ID: 522
Last updated: 29 Jul, 2009
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