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Can't access/remove some directories when using SMB protocol in MAC OSX

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Last updated: 09 Oct, 2009


When using SMB protocol the DSS deny access to MAC OS/OSX system files:

  1. .DS_Store,
  2. .AppleDouble,
  3. Temporary Items Network,
  4. Trash Folder,
  5. TheFindByContentFolder,
  6. TheVolumeSettingsFolder,
  7. .AppleDesktop,
  8. .AppleDB,
  9. Icon?,
  10. .VolumeIcon.icns,
  11. .FBIndex,
  12. .FBClockFolder,
  13. Temporary Items

For example when using 'cp' command you get message :

cp:/Volumes/TEMP/ABC/.DS_Store: No such file or directory

Other situation is a message that "Cannot remove folder - The Directory is not empty" when removing directory.


Our system for security reasons hides this system files to avoid access to it from Windows and other systems.


Disable "Hide special folders" in CONFIGURATION -> NAS settings -> SMB settings function.

Open-E software impacted:

All DSS and NAS -R3 versions.

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Article ID: 692
Last updated: 09 Oct, 2009
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