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Cannot see destination Volume

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Last updated: 01 Apr, 2011


I am trying to create volume replication and I cannot see the destination volume.


I have my primary volume volume selected and checked as source and my secondary volume selected as destination and do not know what is wrong.


A few things to check are as follows:

Make sure you have the correct Mirror IP address entered.
The source should have the destination IP address entered and the destination should have the source IP address entered.

Check to see that your logical volumes are exactly the same size.  
When you create your replication volumes, enter the size by typing in the value.  Do not use the slider bar.

Make sure both volumes are  in block I/O or File I/O mode.  
You cannot perform replication from Block I/O to File I/O or vice versa.  The mode must be the same.

The volumes' size must be less that 4TB.  This is the maximum size supported.

The software versions of both the source and the destination must be the same.  If not, you'll need to upgrade one so that they match.

Make sure you can ping the destination server from the source server.  CTRL-ALT-T in the Console Tools.  If you cannot ping, you'll need to check your network hardware and connectivity.

Make sure your volumes are set as 'Source' and 'Destination'  properly. Being careful to not overwrite new data with old, once replication can be started again. Further information can be found here:

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Article ID: 81
Last updated: 01 Apr, 2011
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