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Backup problems
Configuring DSS V6/V7 to work with NUT, using UPS network card
To enable NUT,  choose MGE as UPS vendor and UM-Link (SNMP) as UPS model. Setup->Hardware Settings V6: V7:
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Creating Disk Array with DSS V7
If your system has a hardware RAID, please create a RAID array in the RAID controller setup. Please refer to the RAID controller manual. You do not have to install drivers or RAID array monitoring and maintenance software. If your system has motherboard RAID functionality, please do not use it as...
rating 19 Mar, 2013 Views: 2069
What happens when you add volume replication option to NAS Logical Volume that is already used by local backup?
Generally adding the “volume replication” option in DSS WebGUI -> CONFIGURATION -> volume manager -> vol. groups -> vgxx -> volume manager -> action: modify lvxxxx ->  “Use volume replication” causes a change of the LV UUID (logical volume identification info). If...
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XenServer Backup and Restore using XenCenter.
This can be done by taking a snapshot from xenserver itself and exporting it to a template. This solution results in a file-based backup of a virtual machine. You can then re-import such vm easily via xencenter. The only thing it requires is some kind of storage to write backups to...
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Configuring RALUS agent to work with Ubuntu for backupexec
This is the Ubuntu package for Standard C++ libraries v5. Even though it says amd64, this is for both Intel and AMD processors.   If the flavor is debian, the libraries are in the debian package repositories.   To install from the linux server.   Copy the file to the linux machine...
rating 04 May, 2011 Views: 3750
BackupExec is not able to run differential backup (This is related to the Symantec RALUS program)
Symptom: BackupExec is not able to run differential backup Problem: Performing with the differential backup is setup using archive bit doesn't work. The DSS is doing full backup instead of copying only the files that have been modified since last full backup. Solution: ...
rating 18 Apr, 2011 Views: 2984
Backup and restoring from different DOM and Demo CD
This document will describe how to create a dynamic unit, backup to the dynamic unit and then we will replace the DOM and restore from the dynamic unit I backed up files from the share test, replaced the DOM and then restored the data to an new share named restore We are starting with DOM...
rating 18 Feb, 2009 Views: 5005

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