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Auto Failover
DSS V7: Both nodes failed in Active- Active configuration
If you have configured Active- Active failover with DSS V7 and both of your nodes have failed first thing you have to do is restore volumes source/destination configuration: ...
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DSS V6: Primary/Active node failure in failover
If your Primary/Active node has failed/restarted and you want to restore failover configuration go to secondary/passive: SETUP-> network-> Failover-> Function: Failover Manager  and click Sync volumes. After this process is finished click Failback. If there are no other problems...
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DSS V6: Both nodes failure
If both of your nodes has failed/restarted first thing to do is to check if data on both servers is consistent. Now you can start restoring configuration. In order to do that we have two possible solutions: First solution: go to the Primary node: SETUP-> network-> Failover->...
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How to delete a non-existing ping node on a running cluster ?
ISSUE :  In case one of the devices which was working as ping node was removed from the network, the cluster continue to run in production, but in order to remove an unwanted ping node you need to stop the cluster. This will require to stop production and re-configure ping nodes and start...
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Starting cluster manually in "local" mode after failure of a node
There is a possibility to start cluster in a "local" mode, serving data from one working node exclusively. Once your DSS node-b [or node-a, for that matter] goes down, working node will automatically switch itself into "source" mode, changing its volumes state into "source" as well. Also. cluster...
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How to properly shut down functioning cluster to avoid data loss and volume inconsistencies
Case scenario: Customer needs to shutdown the cluster and would like to know how to do it properly, without any data loss or volume inconsistencies. Customer's question: "Should I first stop the cluster and then stop the replication task? Once this is done, Can I just shutdown both...
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Open-E DSS V7 (up60) cluster shutdown and start up
Here you can find PDF document on the: Test scenario and troubleshooting of Open-E DSS V7 (up60) cluster shotdown and start up. It includes step by step description of the cluster shutdown and start up and troubleshooting in case of common start up problems.
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