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Auto Failover
How to replace malfunctioned unit in Active Passive configuration and minimize downtime
In order to replace malfunctioned node and configure new on with minimized downtime you should use MPIO on iSCSI initiator by adding another path pointing to physical IP of active node. Because of this if you disable failover , initiator will use physical IP address of storage to access the...
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How can we setup the primary node, restart the iSCSI Failover and make this node active again?
Symptom: Not only data but also the whole configuration of the primary node is lost because of e.g. a broken RAID controller. Problem: Currently it’s not possible to add a “clean” DSS node and automatically...
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Failover events and Network component failure.
Failover events can occur for many reasons. Investigations into such events can be easy if the failure is localized to the DSSV6 server or operating system. When the failure is triggered by ping node failure or Network component failure, investigation may involve administrative testing of all...
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Why my failback is not working although failover do??
Problem:   I configured my 2 DSS systems with Auto Failover. Everything thing is working fine but the failback. As it never worked before. It only works when I deactivated the failover and perform the failback on a physical IP address not the used Virtual IP Address.   Solution:  ...
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Losing iSCSI connection during failover
  Symptom: I am testing iSCSI failover with Virtualiron. Virtualiron needs to assign iSCSI initiator port on the network node. Also, it needs iSCSI target's IP address. First, I entered DSS's virtual IP address in the target's address. At this configuration, whenever changeover happens,...
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