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How can I make a backup for the UID's and GID's with ACL's permissions?
The ACLs are connected to user list UIDs/GIDs wich are stored on the module, external LDAP or NIS server (depends on chosen authentication method). This list your able to export and import into new module. (Configuration->NAS resources->Users->UID Maping) (Configuration->NAS...
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How to download the ACL configuration?
In order to save your ACL configuration you need to export UIDs and GIDs. Please follow the steps: 1. Connect to your Open-E WebGUI. 2. Go to Configuration->NAS Resources->Users->UID Mappings. click download and save your "Users" database. 3. Repeate the previouse step with "Groups"...
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Why can't I have two or more NICs on the same network?
This will probably cause name duplication in your network.  The consequence is that you will have difficulty accessing resources using protocols such as SMB, or when you attempt to connect using a Windows AD domain.
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Which log do I need to look into to find information on infected files?
Regular antivirus scanning (via an antivirus task): The relevant log file is called scan_shares_ANTIVIRUS_[antivirus_task_name].log. You can find it in the main log directory. Example output: [2008.07.08 14:33:28]     Starting virus_scan [2008.07.08...
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How can I set quota limits for users in the GUI?
Setting quotas on user accounts in the GUI Create your users and give them access to the shares in which they will have a quota. Click on a user link and scroll down to Function: Quota    Now enter the amount in MB of the quota limit in the Quota definition field.   You can...
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How do I perform a Software Update?
You can perform an update to the software in different ways. From the WebGUI:   Go to MAINTENANCE -> software update -> Update downloader When the update file appears, click the Download button. The update will take a few minutes, after which the system will reboot. You...
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What can I do to stop the browser from asking me to accept the SSL certificate every time I access the GUI?
In Mozilla Firefox, you can set the browser up to automatically choose the certificate to use for the given webpage. To do this, click on Edit in the top menu followed by Preferences -> Advanced -> Encryption and click the radio button next to Select one automatically under the Certificates...
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Does email notification send messages in the event of a critical error?
Yes, all critical errors are sent via the email notification mechanism. However, not all of these errors are readily interpretable - some need to be referred to Open-E support.
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Do I need an additional storage license key if I connect one DSS 16TB to another DSS 16TB with iSCSI/FC protocol ?
This depends on how the storage will be connected and how much storage space will be visible to the system. It depens only on how it will be connected and how much storage the system will see because you need as much storage license as much storage space will be available in the system. For...
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