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Volume replication Error: 28

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Last updated: 14 Sep, 2015


I cannot establish the Volume Replication to the new server. I always get this error:
Task type: Volume replication. Task name: Repl00.Status:
                   Error 28: Logical volume on mirror server is already configured to replicate with another logical volume on remote node.


Remove volume replication metadata.
In DSS section:  Configuration -> Volume manager -> Volume groups -> vgxxx   select from the Action menu: change lvxxxx and un-check the volume replication on ALL volumes.

Add the volume replication option to ALL volumes again.

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Article ID: 2711
Last updated: 14 Sep, 2015
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Posted: 14 Sep, 2015 by Stolarczyk M.
Updated: 14 Sep, 2015 by Stolarczyk M.
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