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Last updated: 20 Dec, 2013

In some instances remote support will be required in order to resolve your issue.

What is Remote Support?
It is a service which connects your Open-E Storage System to our Support Centre, and allows our experts to fix the issue directly.
In order to activate it please use the "Remote Support" function from the Extended Console Tools. (CTRL-ALT-X)

It will inform You to carefully change options using this tool, as it maybe be dangerous for Your configuration. Then, You’ll have to enter administrator’s password :

Then You need to choose the option REMOTE SUPPORT :

You’ll have to read and confirm the information about Remote Support Session

You will need to open TCP outgoing port 65500 in your firewall.
The connection is encrypted.

Please enter the ticket number (available in the email topic) when asked for the problem description.

Why is Remote support Needed?

In some instances the log files do not contain enough data to determine the cause of the issue thet you are experiencing.

In other insatances if we are creating new software driver for a paticular card in your system and it is not working as expected

then remote support will be required to determine the cause of the issue.

You can also access your console using SSH connection:

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Article ID: 137
Last updated: 20 Dec, 2013
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