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[JDSS] Low performance with Intel X710/XL710/X722

Article ID: 2981
Last updated: 30 Jul, 2020

Additional information:

  • product name: JovianDSS
  • product version: up27 and all lower
  • build: all


Performance around 6Mbits on Intel X710/XL710/X722 SFP 10Gbps NICs (tested with bond LACP - which is not advised in JovianDSS, tested with MPIO).


Below error visible in the JovianDSS LOGS - kernel-sys.log:

Jun  7 15:30:38 [kern.err] [   32.372709] Non-contiguous TC - Disabling DCB


Disable DCB/DCBX for all X710/XL710/X722 NICs on the server/hardware side (BIOS/management).

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Article ID: 2981
Last updated: 30 Jul, 2020
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Posted: 12 Jun, 2018 by Stolarczyk M.
Updated: 30 Jul, 2020 by Rybak M.
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