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[JDSS] HTTPS certificate regeneration

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Last updated: 07 Apr, 2020

Additional information:

  • product name: JovianDSS
  • product version: all 
  • build: all 


Expired HTTPS certificate.


Web pages unavailable or the browser displaying the "expired certificate" message. 


Current JovianDSS versions are generating HTTPS certificates valid for 1 year.

In order to create a new certificate for another year, please go to console tools: Ctrl-Alt-T and select “Time configuration”.

Confirm the current time and date.

In the final step of the Time Configuration, you will have an option to create a new certificate as per the screenshot below:

Confirm with “yes”  and reconnect to the GUI.

From this point onwards your certificate will be valid for another 12 months. 

The same procedure will have to be repeated once the period has lapsed.

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Article ID: 3121
Last updated: 07 Apr, 2020
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Posted: 24 Mar, 2020 by Stolarczyk M.
Updated: 07 Apr, 2020 by Rybak M.
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