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[JDSS] Enabling FTP connection

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Last updated: 22 Dec, 2023

How to enable FTP access

FTP access to Open-E JovianDSS storage can be enabled by uploading and installing a special Small Update (SU) No. 90847.

Our FTP server does not provide SSL encryption for your FTP connection and gives anonymous access to all created datasets on all zpools to anyone who connects to it in the network.

To set it up, download files from the links presented below:

Container_engine_for_Open-E_JovianDSS_up29r3 - the container engine is required for the FTP server to work properly. This SU has to be installed before installing the FTP server.


In order to install them, go to System Settings --> Update --> Upload update:

​Upload the container engine and press "Install and reboot later":

Upload the FTP server Small Update and choose "Install and reboot now: this time:

After the reboot is finished your FTP server is up and running.

Accessing FTP on Open-E JovianDSS

To access the FTP server simply use your favorite tool that supports FTP and  follow the steps below:

  • set the file protocol to FTP
  • input the IP address of your Open-E JovianDSS machine
  • set the port to 21
  • use the login "anonymous" (any string is accepted as a password)

Below we are using WinSCP tool for Microsoft Windows:

From there you can freely access your files stored on Open-E JovianDSS storage through FTP.

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Article ID: 3431
Last updated: 22 Dec, 2023
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Posted: 09 Mar, 2023 by Litwinowicz R.
Updated: 22 Dec, 2023 by Litwinowicz R.
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