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How to generate LSI RAID Controller logs:

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Last updated: 21 Dec, 2016

Download the small update from our FTP and install it in the DSS GUI in Maintenance > Software update then reboot the server. After that you can go to the Console, press CTRL+ALT+W and select "generate lsi logs". Logs are available for download in webGUI: Status-> Hardware Settings-> Function: Logs. You will find file: lsi.linux.xxxxxxxxxx.tar.gz.

 If you are running a newer build from up56 this is already located in the Console screen by entering CTRL ALT R then select the LSI controller then select "LSI diagnostic logs" then it will gather the logs, when done you can then download the log file and look for the file called lsi.linux.xxxxxxxxxx.tar.gz.

DSS V6 Small Update number 1300

DSS V7 Small Update number 70125

DSS V7 Small Update number 70125b (Updated LSI Get Tool)

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Article ID: 2003
Last updated: 21 Dec, 2016
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