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How to enable FTP access? How to order ACL permission ?

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Last updated: 15 May, 2015

What are the steps to enable FTP ?

Under the CONFIGURATION -> NAS SETTINGS -> USE FTP,  You need to enable in general the FTP Service.
Then, You need to enable FTP access for the NFS share - choose Your share name, and enable the FTP :  
The possibility to access the server via FTP (File Transfer Protocol) offers additional flexibility, as users can access storage either from the Intranet or Internet. An FTP client (e.g. SmartFTP) is ideal but Internet Explorer or a similar browser is also suitable.
How to order ACL permission ? 
In order to assign ACL permission : 
- choose the tab ACCESS CONTROL LIST (ACL)
-  in the  select a folder or file,
- click tab Users & Groups,
- select which users or groups will be available to assigned access permissions,
- click the access permissions,
- select user ([U]) or group ([G]) or User(owner) or Group(owner),
- check the appropriate boxes under Access Permissions (READ/WRITE/EXECUTE)
- click Apply.
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Article ID: 2553
Last updated: 15 May, 2015
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