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How do I correct a 'No Tapes' error?

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Last updated: 23 Sep, 2008

Symptom:   New tapes labelled under "Backup Devices" -> "Tape Drive".  Tape drive responds.
Error generated in Backup Device -> Tapes
Error message:  "No tapes.  To use this device you must label a tape first".

Problem:   The Backup-Database was corrupted or not correctly initialized.

Solution:   1.  Disable "Local Backup" under  CONFIGURATION -> NAS Settings -> Local backup settings
2.  Delete the Logical Volume where the database was stored.
3.  Create a new Logical Volume for the backup-database.
4.  Re-enable "Local Backup" again in CONFIGURATION -> NAS Settings -> Local backup settings.

Additional information:

Open-E software impacted:  DSS, NAS R3, iSCSI R3

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Article ID: 84
Last updated: 23 Sep, 2008
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