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[DSS V7] What do I need to know about Open-E SNMP?

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Last updated: 16 Apr, 2020

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What do I need to know about Open-E SNMP?


The SNMP feature built into the Open-E software will provide standard SNMP system status information for CPU usage, system load, memory information, ethernet traffic, and running processes. SNMP client will be able to read these values from the server.

SNMP Version 3 has an encrypted transmission feature as well as authentication by community string and password.
SNMP Version 2 does not have encrypted transmission, authentication is done only via the community string.

Our storage system supports the SNMP protocol in MIB-II standard.

Here is a list of the MIBs:

  • -
  • - mib-2.ip
  • - mib-2.tcp
  • - mib-2.udp
  • - mib-2.interfaces
  • -
  • - system

To enable SNMP v2 or v3 in the web GUI please go to "SETUP->Administrator->SNMP settings function"

When using SNMP V3, it will inform you of your system location and contact information. For example, when you connect from an SNMP client, you will see your location and name.


We do not have support for traps, volume usage and free space reporting from SNMP. This is on our roadmap. Additionally, we do not have critical error reporting over SNMP and failover via SNMP, however, you can use email notification.

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Article ID: 742
Last updated: 16 Apr, 2020
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