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[DSS V7] How to update TLS version from 1 and 1.1 to 1.2 [port 443]

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Last updated: 08 Apr, 2021

Problem: When using WebGUI, the web browser complains about insecure/old certificates used.

Solution: Please install the Small Update which disables older versions of the TLS, effectively using only newer TLS 1.2 versions.

            If you want to apply to the Small Update, please follow the path below:

            1. DSS WebGUI > Maintenance > Software update > Browse > Apply ]

            2. Reboot the node.

            In case of any problem with that small update please contact

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Article ID: 3229
Last updated: 08 Apr, 2021
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Posted: 08 Apr, 2021 by Rybak M.
Updated: 08 Apr, 2021 by Rybak M.
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