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[JDSS] [DSS V7] How to reset the password on DSS V7 / JDSS using the Console?

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Last updated: 28 Aug, 2020

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  • product name: JovianDSS / DSS V7
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How to reset the administrator password using the console?


To reset the password, You have to first connect to the command line using SSH / Putty or by physically accessing the console.

Afterwards press:


A window like below should appear:

Click Yes using enter.

IMPORTANT: Using CTRL + ALT +P will restore all administrator settings to the factory default.

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Article ID: 3225
Last updated: 28 Aug, 2020
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Posted: 28 Aug, 2020 by Andrusiak D.
Updated: 28 Aug, 2020 by Rybak M.
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