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How do I perform a Software Update?

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Last updated: 11 Aug, 2008

You can perform an update to the software in different ways.

From the WebGUI:  
Go to MAINTENANCE -> software update -> Update downloader
When the update file appears, click the Download button.
The update will take a few minutes, after which the system will reboot.

You can also download the update from our website:
You’ll need to register on the website or login.
Register your product with the serial number in the field provided.
After registering the module, you can log in.  
Click on Service and Support.
Click on Software Updates (in the left column)
You can click on the update link and save the .iso image to your hard disk.

Burn the image to a CD using image burning software.  Be sure the program burns the bootable iso image to the CD.

You should save your GUI configuration before you do the update.
MAINTENANCE -> miscellaneous -> Function: Save settings
Insert the CD into the CD-ROM drive
Set the Bios to boot from the CD
Boot the System
When this menu appears, select 1
1              Update with current settings kept (default)
2             Update with factory defaults settings
The update will take about 10 minutes.
When you see this message
Update performed correctly, please remove ISO-CD from your CD-ROM and reboot the system
Remove the CD
Reboot the system
Change the BIOS to boot from the USB drive.
The System will boot into Open-e software
Upgrade is now complete.
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Article ID: 44
Last updated: 11 Aug, 2008
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