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How can I change between 32bit mode to 64 bit mode, or vice verse?

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Last updated: 06 Nov, 2009


I was running trial release in 32 bit mode and now after update with actual release, I receive message "not supported 64 bit mode". How can I switch back to 32 bit mode?


There is 2 ways to change the system to 32bit mode.

1) During the boot process and after POST enter the ESCAPE key and select 32bit mode. Then from Console screen (if you can) enter CTRL + ALT + T and select Boot options and System Architecture then select 32bit mode. Then Save and restart the system.

2) You can use the Remote Console Access Tool from the GUI in Setup > Administrator and use the SSH Putty tool that you can download from internet that is free and set the port to 22222, then login with the user: cli and the password that you created. Please read the online help file that states to set the VT100+ setting in PUTTY. And then proceed to the same instructions as above from the Console screen.

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Article ID: 862
Last updated: 06 Nov, 2009
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