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How to connect Xenserver 7 to the DSS V7 ?
PROBLEM: rc.local script is not supported on version 7 of xenserver, I cannot add iptables rule at startup SOLUTION: Go to the Xenserver CLI - command line interface. Execute this two commands: # chmod u+x /etc/rc.d/rc.local # systemctl start rc-local Note: The initial file permissions are not...
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Mounting JovianDSS NFS share under XEN environment
Following NFS mount parameters are required for XEN: CLI mount: "-o tcp,hard,int" XEN GUI: "tcp,hard,int" [-o should be discarded] tcp option informs system to use TCP protocol. hard mount is generally used for block resources like a local disk or SAN. intr If hard is specified, the user...
rating 20 Jul, 2018 Views: 32

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