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Software RAID problems
Software RAID rebuild, data integrity check and MDADM checkarray functions.
Every 4 weeks the software raid will be checked for its integrity using the mdadm_checkarray function. This is a read only process unless bad data is discovered. If bad data is discovered, the function will try to rewrite the data from other disks in the array. You will recieve an email alert...
rating 28 Oct, 2014 Views: 2345
My Unit is marked as SW PART and I can't use it! How can I change this?
I pulled one of the drives during playback ( drive wasn't formated before). Then I pluged in the drive again. Unfortunately the SW marks the drive as bad and does not allow the same drive to be added again (system says that this drive is already  part of SW).   Solution: 1. Connect...
rating 26 Mar, 2013 Views: 1366
S/W RAID is degraded. How to add a drive that was disconnected from S/W RAID?
 You need to clean this drive and let the S/W RAID rebuild the array again. After you plugged the drive back to your DSS V6, go to DSS V6 webgui -> Setup -> S/W RAID -> MDx and in the "Manager" frame set the following flags to it: F - set faulty R - hot remove  then press...
rating 16 Aug, 2011 Views: 3290
Why can't use 2.7TB SW RAID in 4TB module?
Problem: I want to create a RAID 6 using 4 HDD 1.5TB using the S/W RAID feature Open-E offer. But the software says I'm exceeding the limit, as I'm using 4TB license key. I created the S/W RAID using the demo and got array of size (2.7TB) then use the module again, but the message is still...
rating 14 Jul, 2009 Views: 2567
Cannot see all my drives with software RAID
Symptom: I have a 8TB DSS license, with 4 1.5TB Seagate hard Disk, on a Supermicro motherboard Problem: I am using software RAID and I can only see 2 of my disk drives at a time. When I swapp the cables I can see the other 2 disk drives (check the serial serial numbers) ...
rating 23 Feb, 2009 Views: 3224
Expanding HW RAID units connected in a SW RAID unit on Open-E system does not work
Symptom: A User has united their hardware RAID units in Open-E SW RAID.  After adding additional disks to both of them and using the PV resize in the console the SW RAID, the unit is still the same size - new space cannot be used. Problem: The SW RAID does not support disk...
rating 18 Sep, 2008 Views: 4185
Email Notification
Symptom: Problem:   I am using a SOFTWARE RAID. Will email notification work if one of the hard disks fails? Solution:  Yes, email notification will work when using SOFTWARE RAID and one of the HDDs fails. Additional information: Open-E software...
rating 04 Aug, 2008 Views: 2640

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