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JovianDSS: RESTapi - HowTo

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Last updated: 17 May, 2017
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Posted: 16 May, 2017
Updated: 17 May, 2017
by: Kula T.

1. Un-pack JovianDSS API REST  (in the attachment of this article)

2. Make sure you have installed "requests" Python library
     $ pip install requests

3. Read documentation

4. Read example scripts in


5. Make sure that node which API you want to use have enabled REST proxy access
     GUI: System Settings > Administration > REST (credentials admin, admin)

6. Example of driver usage

         >>> from jovianapi import API
         >>> api = API.via_rest('', 82, 'admin', 'admin')
         >>> api.driver.get('/time')
         {u'data': {u'daemon': False,
           u'servers': [u'', u'', u''],
           u'sync_at_boot': False,
           u'timestamp': 1477047212295,
           u'timezone': u'Europe/Berlin'},
           u'error': None}

         >>> api.driver.put('/time', dict(servers=['']))
          {u'data': None, u'error': None}

         >>> api.driver.get('/time')
          {u'data': {u'daemon': False,
           u'servers': [u''],
           u'sync_at_boot': False,
           u'timestamp': 1477047259023,
           u'timezone': u'Europe/Berlin'},
           u'error': None}

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